I am a therapist and an artist who can help you unlock your creative potential to make your best art!


About Isabella Christodoulou

I will help you find and follow your muse to free up your creative potential.

Whether you are a dancer, musician, sculptor, painter, writer, actor, director, designer… however you express your art, there are times when you may feel depressed, stuck, upset about chronic procrastination, or even questioning your purpose and identity as a creative.

I use psychodrama to guide you through those difficult phases in ways that will encourage you to embrace where you are and how you got there so you can move on and do what you love. And do it well.

We can even apply this experiential approach to specific pieces you want to work on.

You may be a novelist trying to develop a character or fill a plot hole. You may be a choreographer searching for the next sequence or an actor whose motive in a scene seems elusive. You may be a musician who is ready to try another genre feeling insecure to make that stretch or a visual artist dreaming, yet fearful of going from portraits to landscapes. You may be a comedian who can’t think of a funny thing these days.

It could be you have a show or event or deadline coming up that has you worried and is draining your creative energy. Perhaps you fear that your work will be misunderstood, controversial, unappreciated. It may be that you have not recovered from specific criticism, from rejection, and/or somebody else’s disapproval. Whatever the concern we can address it.

As both an artist and a therapist I have the understanding and the clinical skills to tailor the work we do together so that you make your best art and live your best life. 




Catherine Lasperches
FNP, New Orleans Musicians Clinic

Isabel has been and still is very instrumental in helping getting my patients in a better place: they all tell me how much they enjoy working with her. As musicians and artists they feel safe and can relate to her creative and playful style with psychodrama.

Thank you Isabel!


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