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I help Artists make their  Art

As both an artist and a therapist I will help you unlock your creative potential to make your best art and live your best life.

Whether you are a dancer, musician, sculptor, painter, writer, actor, director, designer… however you express your art, there are times when you may feel depressed, stuck, upset about chronic procrastination, or even questioning your purpose and identity as a creative.

Image by Markus Winkler

I use psychodrama to guide you through those difficult phases in ways that will encourage you to embrace where you are and how you got there so you can move on and do what you love. And do it well.

We can even apply this experiential approach to specific pieces you want to work on.

Image by Michael Dziedzic

About Isabella Christodoulou, LCSW

  • Graduate of Barnard College, Columbia University

  • Masters from Tulane School of Social Work

  • Graduate of Hudson Valley Psychodrama  Institute 

  • Studied acting  at HB Studio in NYC with Katherine Sergava

  • Studied acting at the Elm Theatre in New Orleans with Garrett Prejean 

  • Studied Improv at the New Movement Theatre in New Orleans 

  • Semi-finalist Novel in Progress Award  Faulkner Society 

  • Working on a collection of short stories 


With over 30 years of experience as a therapist in 

New Orleans, Berlin, Germany, London, UK, in New York City, and at Recovery Unplugged In Fort Lauderdale, Florida  I continue to be passionate about working with individuals and groups to find their voices and embrace their authentic selves.  

Aaliyah Clark, dancer, model
Photo: Isabella Christodoulou



Catherine Lasperches
FNP, New Orleans Musicians Clinic

Isabella has been and still is very instrumental in helping to get my patients in a better place: they all tell me how much they enjoy working with her. As musicians and artists they feel safe and can relate to her creative and playful style with psychodrama.

Zohar Tirosh-Polk
Playwright and Founder of Thrive Creative

 A muse herself, Isabella is a master therapist, novelist, psychodrama practitioner, and muse work facilitator.
She brilliantly creates atmospheres of safety, connection, humor, and boundless inspiration. With her sharp guidance, I’ve reconnected with my own wisdom and muse in a way that I can only describe as deeply healing and empowering.

Her workshops are nothing but Magic. Participants are always led to clarity and action. We have all left her workshops deeply inspired, re-ignited, and… ready to work!


Aaliyah Clark, dancer, model
Photo: Isabella Christodoulou

Available to conduct workshops, and to see individuals and groups/ organizations both virtually and as domestic and international travel permit.


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Photo by Lyle Colombo

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